Limitless Possibilities is a book of one woman’s journey into the Spiritual realm…but oh so much more!

Each chapter begins with information received form Markas. Markas is a higher being who at one time shared a physical life with the author in 16th century England.

The Markas Information has been channeled in by Dr. Gwen Totterdale, PhD. Before her passing in 2006, Dr. Totterdale graciously agreed to share this information with many people around the world. Kathleen Walsh has created a wonderful learning format from portions of this channeled information referred to as The Markas Information. As you read this book, be prepared to expand your awareness. This information is not only mind boggling at times but also mind blowing.

At the end of each chapter is a personal story of how Kathleen has used this information to adjust her energy so she would be able to accept and be comfortable with her personal “Limitless Possibilities”. I enjoyed these personal stories immensely…very insightful and helpful in understanding the concept of the Markas Information.

This book is also a wonderful manual loaded with information and exercises to assist you on your personal journey to discover your very own “Limitless Possibilities”. You will want to refer to it over and over again.

This book is a must read for anyone willing to open themselves up to a new world and/or to participate more fully in the new world that is fast approaching !

Kay Hall


Transpersonal Hypnotist


R. Desmarais / 12.06.09

Utilizing an impressive bank of resources, Ms Walsh presents not only clear metaphysical concepts but also an intriguing challenge to a novice’s belief system in her blueprint to the dynamics of transition into the fifth dimension.

Limitless Possibilities parlays a personal spiritual journey with a conscious motive of blending with new intergalactic energy to achieve peace, happiness, tolerance, love and understanding in face of adverse happenings in our present day world.

For readers seeking to expand their understanding of “enlightenment” and willing to take their own journey, this book is a must-read.  The benefits include the opportunity to find a beginning to better self control and interaction with the physical and spiritual worlds.  The only risk:  life changing principles to induce near miraculous clarity in thought process.

Book Title:                  Limitless Possibilities

Author:                       Kathleen Walsh

Reviewer: Danielle Mason Media

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“Kathleen Walsh does a masterful job of bringing the inspiring words of Markus to guide, teach and

awaken the world to everyone’s individual Limitless Possibilities!  This book offers an excellent introduction

on connection with spirit for beginners, and offers new information to heighten the experience of

those already in communication with spiritual guides, teachers, and higher energies.

She accelerates the process of hearing the voice within.”

Limitless Possibilities is thought provoking…and I found two applications:

Adult: Thank you for introducing the voice and wisdom of Markus. His universal principles may be applied to any individual regardless of religious identification. Kathleen Walsh’s application of the Markus teachings serve to further explain his
messages. It is an excellent resource that bridges the gap between traditional religious doctrine and the spiritual world.

Children: I have been teaching religious education to seventh graders for five years. Each year, the students have more spiritually based questions that traditional resources do not address. Many of my students only attend class because their parents force them to, but are seeking a deeper spirituality. Kathleen Walsh’s chapter “Angelic Influences” really resonated with my students’ perception to spirituality. They are a new generation of spirits themselves and they seemed to feel “like they had returned home” to the messages presented in this book. The ideology presented does make sense to middle and high schoolers seeking a deeper connection with spirit. Some passages in this book were the exact verification they needed to continue their religious search. Reading parts of Kathleen’s book made a light bulb go on for many of them!

Limitless Possibilities is an inspiring book for all ages.  This book explains how the world is shifting into the fifth dimension, and how to adapt to the changes that will occur.  It is a guidebook that helps the reader understand where they stand in their life and what they should be doing in order to smoothly transition into the fifth dimension.  The author uses her own personal experiences to reach out to the reader and demonstrate how she was able to find her higher self among day-to-day life.  The book followers the author’s spiritual journey and the lessons she learned along the way.  Many of the stories found in this book seem to be easily related to the lives of many people.  Written in a very positive tone, this book also uses humor from time to time to keep the readers attention.  I believe that this book has the ability to open up the eyes of many readers whether young or old, and inspire them to live a life filled with “limitless possibilities”!

M. C.

Worcester, Mass.

Limitless Possibilities by Kathy Walsh it like a road map through the mysteries of the fifth dimension, it’s like having a handy GPS device for help in navigating some very miraculous., and wonderous territories.She’s also a mother and brings some valuable spiritual insight into raising young people.

Susan Coggins

co-author of Aura Awareness, and Aura Imaging practitioner

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