The Author

Everybody has a story, and today I would like to tell you mine.  I only ask that you sit back and read with an open mind and open heart.  I have only in recent years learned how to do that.  That is part of my story:  how and why I opened up to the beautiful gifts that the universe has bestowed upon me.  Am I unique?  Yes, and we all are!  Am I special?  No, not at all!  The path I have recently traveled on and the gifts waiting for me as I have journeyed down this path are available to everyone.  I have learned many, many things and I intend to share these lessons with all of you with the hopes to help make your journey a little easier.  I would like to help you to not only identify your birthright gift but the other gifts available to you as well and then to learn to develop them.  You see I have learned that this is part of my purpose here, part of my blueprint.

What is that you say?  Well, I intend to explain everything to you a little at a time, taking baby steps one by one until something clicks.  Hopefully I will explain not in boring detail but that my enthusiasm for not only who I have become but more importantly how I have gotten here will help transport you with me to a new place, a better place, a place where we can live in this world, a world where we have learned to live from the heart.

 These two paragraphs are the first two paragraphs in the Prologue of Limitless Possibilities.   The story of how and why I wrote this book, and the description of who I am and who I have become are so very intertwined that it is hard for me to try to write about myself without including how I have evolved through all of  my experiences on this journey.  It is far easier for me to tell my story as I describe not only this journey but all of the growth and development along the way.  I can only define who I am by these amazing experiences that have brought me to this beautiful place.  And this beautiful place has brought me to you.       

My personal journey began for me at the turn of the millennium as the world was transitioning into a new century.  I too discovered that I would be transitioning into a new world.  This new world for me was going to consist of me creating new pathways, to find new ways to do things as my old world and my old way of living was dissolving.  I no longer was going to live the life in the role that I had placed all of my security in and one that kept me in my comfort zone.  Change necessitated that I forge a new trail.   I learned that getting “uncomfortable” was a good thing.  In fact, I could say that this was one of my first of many “aha” moments!

We have all been taught that there is one constant on our planet, and that constant is one of change.  Each of us is the microcosm of this macrocosm.    Hence, we are constantly changing as the earth is changing.  This change or evolving from one stage of life into another is not without its twists and turns as many of us have experienced.  That is what life for us on earth is really all about learning to navigate the bumps when things get rough and learning to enjoy smooth sailing when life is calm.  Sometimes life gives us enough of a bumpy path that we use our energy and focus to navigate through the bumps and we forget to take a breath and enjoy the calm.  Sometimes we forget that life is a school of our learning lessons.   Instead of learning these lessons, we get lost in the problem and we just can’t figure a way out.   We tap into our emotions, and then we become our emotions.  We lose our way, and we lose our center.  Or perhaps we never had a center and were always living our life slightly off balance!      

As I came to my crossroads a decade ago, I intuitively knew which direction I needed to take.  Luckily, I had learned to rely on my instincts or gut feelings throughout my life.  This was how I parented and how I created and ran my business – a business that for the last twenty-five years allowed me to experience passion and joy as I create environments bringing beauty and harmony into people’s lives.  My recipe for success had always been to trust how I felt deep inside, throw in some heart and run it all through my mental state so that I knew that I was processing things just right!  I took what was being presented to me as an obstacle and turned it into an opportunity.  I discovered that if I shifted my thinking and viewed events in my life from a new vantage point – that I had the objectivity to find a solution with little or no effort.  The reverse was also true that if I allowed the opinion of others to determine my path, I actually was selling myself short, losing my center and being thrown off balance.  This was another precious “aha” moment!

What I did not know then but what I know now is that this new path was paving for me a path to a golden opportunity, an opportunity for me to experience life from many new vantage points.  I was for the first time able to see my life in relation to the realities that existed on earth.  I gained a much larger perspective and I opened up to the magic and miracles that the universe has for each of us.  I began to experience life as I would have thought only existed through the eyes of a director creating an amazing movie with amazing experiences.  Every day my life was an experience, an experience that was much more than a made for TV movie!  I was the star of my own life.  I no longer was satisfied with accepting a supporting role.  I learned how to become the leading lady of my own life!  I opened up to discover that I could be the very best of who I was meant to be and the universe was actually surprising me with my very own director or directors!  The universe does not give any of us a stopping point.  We can move as far forward as we want to go, complete with all of the assistance we need at our fingertips!  All we need to do is ask.

This book is the story of my personal journey as I learned to accept the universe’s help to transport me on a journey evolving ME into the person that I was meant to be.  I learned that with an open heart and an open mind that you can create your heart’s desire.  I began to study everything and anything that had to do with spirituality and metaphysics.  As a new student, I needed to develop a new foundation from which to build while relaxing my belief system that had been in place for years.  The more that I studied the more I realized all that I didn’t know!  For several years, I attended the Rishi Institute of Metaphysics studying the teachings of the spiritual Laws of Life.  These are the principles by which our universe operates.  Some subjects had great personal appeal so for these I found local experts and took many classes as I tackled the subject matter one by one – digesting the knowledge while building my foundation.

I learned that each of us has a blueprint and that there are many gifts available to help us to develop, to grow, and to evolve.  We simply need to learn how to identify them, claim them, and work with them to help us with our transition from one dimension into another.   This awareness is not only important for us to evolve, but it is very timely as our earth is experiencing its great shift.   

Our planet began evolving from the fourth dimension into the fifth dimension just after the new millennium, as I was beginning my personal growth evolving out of one dimension and into another.   Slowly I learned that by taking baby steps, one step at a time I was being guided on a new journey.  This new journey, this amazing journey, was the beginning of my learning how to live and evolve into the fifth dimension.  I not only learned my role in this transitioning process for our planet but I learned how to develop myself so that I could teach and be an example for others as they began their journey.  My focus was energy and healing.  I became a healer, not only a Reiki Master but a spiritual healer.  I learned that to really heal – you must heal on all levels and so I took self-development classes in all of our bodies of consciousness.  I am always looking for alternative healing modalities as I expand my knowledge to be able to share these healing methods with my readers and friends.  I learned about healing with light.  I became certified in Color Harmonics: Frequency, Geometry and Form.  These new gifts to the planet are actually ancient healing techniques that have been represented to us so that we may benefit from the wisdom of the ancients.  

My awareness and knowledge expanded as I learned about my birthright gift and the other gifts that are available for us to develop.  Quietly and with great determination and focus, I began to expand my gifts into all of the available gifts working fervently to develop all nine.  As my gifts expanded, I was able to increase my awareness and focus on expanding all areas of my life.  This lead to my discovery that one of my major blueprint items was that I was to experience the transition into the fifth dimension and write my experiences for others to learn so they could grow and develop their gifts  while learning to evolve into the fifth dimension. 

I became aware of the many possibilities of how and why I was going to be able to accomplish this blueprint item while being led down this new path.   I made it known to all that would listen that I was open and was willing to accept help from any and all sources – sources of love.   What I didn’t know and what was the most wonderful surprise is that my help was being gifted from all of the unseen benefactors that are here to offer all of us love and support.   I was very welcome in the world of what is “out of this world” and although my benefactors were unseen, they certainly were not unfelt.  

My life became richer from these beautiful experiences as I learned that a small group of these unseen benefactors or angelic influences were in fact going to bring me the knowledge and the wisdom that needed to be brought to planet earth at this time.   I was to present the channeled information while writing my story so that my experiences, my  lessons, and my growth and development are examples that the reader could relate to and use as a springboard to begin the forward and upward movement into the fifth dimension.

My instructions were to keep it simple and keep it light that the message and the directives that are included as they are digested will simply bring each reader’s energy to a higher vibrational level.   This is their gift to you, the reader.

As you learn how to transition from whatever dimension you are in to the fifth dimension, you will learn how to move with the flow of these fifth dimensional energies.  How and why these fifth dimensional energies exist is the universe’s gift to us, as we move from the chaotic energies that currently exist, as our planet is trying to reset itself, to the beautiful, healing energies of the fifth dimension.  We have reached that time in our planet’s history that we have become a fifth dimensional planet.  Our reality must change if we are to be in sync with the reality on earth.  The gifts are all here, they have all been given to us and now for us to enjoy a successful, richer life, we simply need to learn how to use them.  We simply need to learn how to live from our heart in this new world!

And as you do, I invite you to come and meet me on my pages, and get to know me, really know me, as we evolve together exploring all of the Limitless Possibilities that are here to transport all of us into our new world.  I welcome you into my circle of love!

- Kathleen Walsh